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FAQ Skin Biopsy

Most of the time skin diseases can be easily diagnosed by examination & history.
But sometimes Skin Biopsy is required for proper diagnosis.
Skin Histopathology helps in confirming the diagnosis & also gives the information regarding the extent of skin damage.
This test is very simple OPD procedure and small skin sample is taken out after spraying the skin with Local anaesthesia
Sample is preserved in Formalin & sent to Dermatopathologist for further examination
Skin biopsy is absolutely safe and very helpful in further treatment protocols.
Why Skin Biopsy because no other way we can look inside the skin.

Dermatoscopy is another useful tool to examine the skin , because it magnifies the skin lesion many times , so thus making it easier to make diagnosis.


Psoriasis is immunological skin problem, onset of which is governed by genetic clock and final outcome is governed by environmental triggers, stress & nature of treatment. It is mostly diagnosed as eczema by Non Dermatologist and that leads to lot of problems in very initial stages because of wrong treatment. Systemic steroids leads to very rapid clearance of lesions but at leads to aggravation of problem when stopped, thats the usual mistake which Non Dermatologist usually commits Because by the time patient reaches Dermatologist , disease by the time becomes very complicated. Proper diagnosis is the first step towards proper treatment. Histopathology is very useful tool to confirm the diagnosis.