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Lasers in Acne

Studies show that Lasers and other light treatments can reduce acne and also clear acne.

Lasers helps by selectively targeting the vascular sebaceous glands and shrinks them, so less oil secretion leads to improvement in acne.

Lasers also target post acne pigmentation which is quite resistant to normal creams and peels.
Post acne rough skin scars can be improved with lasers , and Micro needling treatment, this helps in collagen remodelling , leading to new better quality skin formation

Results from Lasers and Light therapies are generally long lasting. To maintain results, however , patients often need maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

To help get best results , follow all instructions given by your Dermatologist, esp sunlight protection
Gentle face wash twice daily after treatments also helps in better outcome.

Photopneumatic therapy : In this treatment Intense Pulse Light is combined with gentle vacuum. It works by removing excess oil and dead skin cells. It is US FDA approved