Maple Clinic

Lasers in Pigmentation

  1. Lasers are one of the centrestage treatment options in treating cutaneous hyperpigmentation.
  2.  Lasers work on the principle of selective photothermolysis , which means it destroys the unwanted pigmentation pockets and leave the normal skin intact.
  3. All these treatments are painless and 3 to 4 sessions are required for best results, though number of sessions may differ , depending upon the level of pigmentation & Skin type.
  4. Consult your Dermatologist , to know if you are the perfect candidate for these types of Lasers.
  5. Once in a year follow up may be required to take care of residual pigmentation.
  6. Pigmentation disorders like Melasma , Freckles , Dyschromias & Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation can be treated with these Lasers
    Post treatment care is very important to prevent relapse, esp sun protection, and avoidance of all kind parlour treatments, like Facials, Scrubs etc