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What is IVF cost in Delhi ?

IVF or commonly known as test tube baby is a highly specialised technique in reproductive medicine involving highly skilled team and a good quality IVF lab set up. Delhi & NCR , as capital of India has lot of good options for IVF procedure but there is lot of variations among clinics regarding the total cost of treatment. As a marketing gimmick many centres claim an attractive low pricing to attract clients but when it comes to actuals , people end up paying even more than average IVF expenses to these centres .

One should first understand what an IVF package actually involves and offers.

A typical IVF procedure cost in NCR Delhi

( Self cycles = Using couple’s own eggs and sperms ) involves following steps and accordingly the
expenses :

  •  Routine tests – Some tests of the couple are done to assess their fertility potential and fitness for the IVF procedure
  •  Ultrasounds and consultations – For monitoring of IVF cycle, the fertility specialist assess you with trans vaginal ultrasounds at frequent intervals and thereby prescribes the required injections and tablets.
  •  IVF stimulation agents – Hormone Injections are used for growing multiple follicles /eggs. They are usually expensive and dosage required may vary from case to case.
  •  IVF Lab & procedure expenses – A major expense in IVF cycle is of the IVF laboratory and IVF procedure . It includes procedure of egg retrieval under anaesthesia, fertilisation by ICSI or IVF by embryologist , culture of embryos in lab and finally embryo (babies) transfer by 
  •  Supportive Medicines (apart from stimulation injections)- it includes few tablets and injections which are added to support implantation after IVF.
So the average IVF cost in Delhi NCR will be ranging from 1,20,000 to 2,50,000. This range will be depending upon the stimulation protocol and drugs which are used, quality of injections and lab materials used, skill and experience of the clinician and additional procedures or adjuvant drugs used during the cycle. So discuss the total expenses with your IVF clinic as per your individual case profile. Additional IVF cost (as per the case ):
  • Donor eggs – Some IVF cycles involves use of donor gametes in which case the expenses would be different . For example in Donor eggs IVF cycle, the cost of compensation given to donor lady would be additional apart from usual expenses. This additional compensation will again depend upon the profile of the donor lady and number of eggs taken.
  • Donor Sperms– Semen Sample taken from Approved Sperm banks will incur additional cost. This expense, again depends on the donor profile and semen bank.
  • Sperm retrieval techniques – In cases of azoospermia (absence of sperms in semen) the husband requires surgical procedure of PESA or TESA or MicroTESE to extract sperms directly from the testes, which will be charged separately.
  • Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy procedures – In certain cases, a preIVF hyteroscopy or aparoscopy needs to be done. So depending upon the surgical procedure involved the additional expenses will be incurred.
The overall cost of IVF in Delhi NCR is quite affordable as compared from elsewhere in the world. Also the best of the setups and clinicians are available. One needs to talk about the total cost involved as per his or her case and openly discuss with your clinician regarding the quality of the drugs and lab material which will be used . Choose the right IVF clinic which is transparent in their discussion and gives you ample information. Don’t be trapped in low cost IVF deals and too good to be true “discount offers in IVF “. Ask for breakup costs and details of the additional expenses also . We at Maple Clinic, Indirapuram Ghaziabad located very close to Delhi NCR and Noida region offers a very competitive pricing for IVF cycles. We have tried to combine the best of clinical and lab services during the entire IVF procedure to give the top results of IVF in Delhi NCR. We are not bout our pricing and ready to share all technical, financial and clinical details about the test tube baby technique. We wish you  ‘good luck’ in your journey through IVF !

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