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Hair Treatments

Laser Hair reduction

Laser is one of the best modalities used for hair reduction.
It selectively destroys active hair roots , leading to hair reduction
4 to 6 treatments are required in 4 to 6 weeks apart , to achieve best results.
Once on a year maintenance is very crucial to prevent relapse.

Hair regrowth treatments

Hair loss has various reasons Genetic, Hormonal, Thyroid disorder, Stress, Poor nutrition, Ageing, Medications etc Can be treated by identifying the root cause and managing accordingly. Latest treatments include Hair follicle stimulation by LEDs and Mesotherapy with Peptides, which markedly improves hair growth in 6 sessions.

Special care

Follow your Drs Instructions Your Dr may have recommended some oral and topical treatment. Follow your Dr’s instructions properly and continue the therapy as advised. Hair regrowth will take its own time. Have patience for the results. Manage your stress Stress disturbs your natural growth cycle, which can cause hair loss. Engage in calmiong activities like yoga & meditation Brush your hair gently with flexi combs. Eat nutritious diet which should include more fresh fruits & vegetables


Overdo chemical treatments Excessive chemical treatment , hair strengthening and perming can lead to thin & fragile hairs. Overuse heat tools Avoid hair irons and curlers