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Effect of Smoking on Fertility: Smoking Adversely Affects Male & Female Fertility.

Every body knows this statement and yet some people will continue to carry on with this habit till they fall prey to its adverse effects . Much before it kills the individual, it harms you in lot many others ways and those who are planning for a pregnancy must know about the bad effects of smoking on fertility . It is proven to be harmful to both the active and also the passive smoker or second hand smoker ( one who is inhaling the cigarette smoke near the active smoker ).

The majority of the current literature is in the form of retrospective studies focused on the effects of smoking on semen analyses. The current evidence suggests that men should be advised to abstain from smoking in order to improve reproductive outcomes.
Lets look into the adverse effects of smoking on fertility based on various researches .

10 reasons to quit smoking for better Fertility in Males :

  • Cigarette smoke contains toxic levels of carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) and mutagenic substances. They also contain heavy metals (like cadmium and lead), which are known to be the primary agents of sperm damage.
  • Cigarette smokers have lower semen volumes, sperm counts, and percentage of motile sperm compared to men who did not smoke.
  • Relationship between smoking and sperm concentration is dose-dependent. Men who smoked > 20 cigarettes per day experienced a significant reduction in sperm concentration compared with nonsmokers. Lower sperm concentrations and higher rates of abnormal sperm morphology ( structure of sperm ) identified in smokers were also found to be dose dependent.
  • Men who smoked < 10 cigarettes per day experienced significant changes in their semen analysis parameters. Therefore, even “light” smokers appeared to be at risk for adverse effects on fertility.
  • Nicotine in cigarette smoke is an important agent to cause adverse effects on fertility in men.Those with higher cotinine concentrations in the seminal plasma also had a greater percentage of abnormal sperm morphology.
  • Not only can smoking have unfavorable effects on male semen parameters, it may also reduce the success of assisted reproduction techniques, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Paternal smoking has been suggested to contribute to decreased IVF success rates.
  • Exposure to cigarettes in utero ( on baby boy growing in womb ) may have an impact on a man’s ultimate fertility in the future.
  • Paternal first-hand smoking often results in maternal second-hand smoke exposure, which can have further detrimental effects on female fertility
  • To quit smoking is one of the best natural ways to boost fertility.
  • Smoking is a risk factor for ED ( erectile dysfunction ), which can make getting pregnant a challenge.

5 reasons ..why smoking is bad for the female fertility ?
(It includes both active smoking and second hand smoking also )

  • Smoking negatively affects the female fertility potential by causing damage to ovaries and eggs . It can accelerate the time to menopause .
  • Women who smoke actively are less likely to conceive naturally by end of one year than the control group
  • Smoking increases the risk of tubal ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages .
  • During the later half of pregnancy ,smoking predisposes to high blood pressure and fetal growth restriction.
  • Women who stop smoking double their chances of getting pregnant each month.

So, we can clearly make out that smoking impacts the fertility potential of both men and women and also the unborn baby in uterus. Dr Smita Jain ,at Maple clinic is always keen to take history of personal habits in couple and if either of the partner is smoker, then her first advise is to quit smoking as soon as possible to enhance fertility and improve the chance to achieve a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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