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Do’s and Don’ts after IUI :After Care Steps for IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Procedure

These are some common advises after an IUI procedure. We understand your anxiety and apprehension regarding the IUI procedures. Maple clinic tries to bust some myths and facts after the Intrauterine Insemination.

Four important things that need to be done after an IUI :

During an IUI procedure since you are injected with a semen wash ( 0.5 ml ) into your uterus , one needs to lie down for while after the procedure ( usually 15 to 20 minutes), thereafter you can walk around and resume your usual activities. No role of bed rest after IUI . The usual myth we come across after IUI is that the sperms may fall out from uterus ! This not true actually , sperms are cells having their own motility and energy so they move can forward in the female genital tract easily . Gravity has no effect on motile sperms ! On their way into reproductive tract, there are some losses off course but since the sperm numbers are in millions, a few of the best quality sperms are able to reach the egg anyways. So don’t be afraid if some watery discharge happens after the IUI procedure .

Natural intercourse after IUI is permissible , it is infact beneficial ! The time of ovulation after HCG trigger injection is usually 36 to 40 hours , when an IUI is done .But at times the ovulation can be a little late or in some case if more than one mature follicles are present they can rupture successively at variable timings . So if one follows an intercourse after IUI it can be beneficial for these cases.

At times one may experience some abdominal cramps after IUI , it can happen due to ovulation , uterine contractions , or infection. If it is mild to moderate , one can just lie down for a while and wait and watch. If the pain is severe then report your concerned gynaecologist !

Take your prescribed medicines or injections after the IUI procedure on time as advised for you. They help in implantation of the embryos and support the lining of the uterus .They are usually continued till the time you test for your pregnancy hormones in urine or blood . If the result is positive then you need to continue them further ,else you discontinue.

Four important things that are not to be done after IUI :

Don’t take analgesics tablets ( NSAIDS – Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs ) around the time of IUI. NSAIDS are known to interfere with the rupture of egg from the mature follicle. So if at all you need an analgesic then better to consult your fertility specialist , they can advise you the permitted ones .

Routine exercise schedule is fairly permitted after IUI , but don’t do overstrenous exercises and workouts as they may cause premature contractions and can reduce your chances of implantation . So try to be modest!

Don’t overstress yourself after an IUI procedure . Unnecessary mental stress about the result of the procedure is not desirable . Various studies have shown that stress during the fertility treatments can reduce the success rates further . Be optimistic and at the same time realistic. IUI is not a very successful procedure in one attempt . It sometimes takes multiple cycles to get the result positive . The more attempts you make ,the more chances of sampling your eggs and sperms ! Keep yourself busy and engaged with social life to ease the stress.

Avoid eating junk foods, alcohol and smoking after IUI . It is good to eat fresh fruits ,vegetables and proteins and drink plenty of liquids orally , these food items improve your fertility .Smoking and excessive alcohol have proven to reduce fertility potential in many of the studies.

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